Being fiercely compassionate: My Skoll World Forum Experience

By Makafui BorbiIMG-20160412-WA0017

I had an incredibly amazing experience at the Skoll World Forum. You can find a video Being my first time in England I was very excited to have been given the opportunity, thanks to the MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program at Michigan State University. I was eager and expectant; most of my expectations I believed were met.

The Young Leaders Initiative program, which was part of the forum, was formed to empower young Leaders who are embarking on the journey of touching lives through social entrepreneurship. We, young leaders, had the opportunity to network and share ideas. The goal of the forum was to share ideas and find solutions to the world’s most pertinent and pressing problems. I was particularly pleased to have the opportunity share my story as an individual and what we do as an organization (Dynamic Research Access Media) on a larger platform.

Having listened to global challenges reiterated in a different way, was a paradigm shift for me; it was done through the success stories of individuals and organizations who have helped deal with some of these problems- issues of refugees, injustice, poverty, child marriage, etc. I had always empathized with victims of such crisis, but at the Skoll forum, I got a different perspective and a deeper understanding of what it means to be fiercely compassionate; it involves the heart and more vigorous action with the hand! I felt energized and fired up to keep touching lives through service.


I believe anyone can make a difference in the life of an individual or a community no matter “where they are”. All it really takes is the right mindset and coming to a place where we are convinced and have internalized the fact that the freedom, health, and lives of each and every individual on this planet matter!

It starts with one individual’s courage to stand up and say no! This is enough! And then take action!

Attending this forum is one thing I would love to do over and over again. It’s inspiring, life transforming and eye opening and – of course – a time for networking! The most important thing is to keep asking this one question, “what am I fiercely compassionate about”? Identify it and propel it into action!

borbi_makafui_retakeMakafui Borbi is from Ghana, and recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Food Science. Before coming to MSU, she was a teaching and research assistant at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. She is also the Grant Officer at Dynamic Research Access Media (DReAM), an NGO, which locally communicates scientific research findings to her community in Ghana in native languages. She was actively involved in educating various communities on diseases such as diabetes and hepatitis. Growing up in Ghana, she realized how much agricultural produce is wasted during bumper harvests.  After receiving her degree, she plans to set up a food processing factory in Ghana to process and preserve fresh agricultural produce to minimize post-harvest waste. Hear more about my work and how I got here. 

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